Viridarium has worked with many communities and community groups to deliver quality outdoor  spaces.  All gardens are designed with full community participation throughout the entire process.  This is the best way to ensure that once the gardens are complete they will be loved and maintained by and for the community.  Good design will make the most of the site and meet the needs of the community in the most efficient, sustainable, and inspiring way that any group can imagine. Community gardens can be models of sustainability and sociability and develop into a real focus for community spirit.

Effective, participatory design processes are essential for starting and developing community gardens. Actively involve as many people as possible in the garden design.


  • Gives the garden the benefits of everyone’s thinking and experience
  • Encourages genuine community ownership
  • Helps to make the garden meet many needs and visions
  • Is a way of sharing design skills, increasing community capacity.

‘Consultation’ processes that do not involve people cannot achieve these things.
Garden design is not just something that happens at the initial stages of a new community garden, it is a continual process.
Viridarium can hold a variety of workshops and interactive events designed to involve communities and enhance their input into the design process.

Alloa Orchard
Cornton Vale
Alexandria Alloa Orchard Cornton Vale Westoaks
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