landscape architecture


Tree Surveys

A report detailing a visual tree inspection with an assessment of age and condition, as well as an accurate plotting of girth and canopy.  These reports are often required by Local Authorities when any potential development is suggested. Recommendations will also be made as to future maintenance required to ensure the health of any surveyed trees. Measures for tree protection during and following construction works can also be included.


Landscape Character Assessments

This will consist of landscape character sketches, descriptions and photographs to provide an assessment of the existing landscape from key viewpoints within or outwith the site as appropriate.  There will also be recommendations for character enhancement with photomontages as appropriate to illustrate any major alterations.  It will be carried out with reference to existing designations and documents such as the Regional Landscape Assessments. 


Visual Impact Assessments

This will assess the existing visual amenity, including residential receptors and recreational routes, viewed from public viewpoints; suggest limit of theoretical visibility, setting out likely visual impacts of the proposal.

An assessment of the likely cumulative landscape and visual effects with other built development within close proximity, and the potential emerging pattern of development will also normally be undertaken.

The report will recommend mitigation to reduce significant landscape and visual impacts by planting, changes to layout etc.   Photomontages of proposed development will be used to illustrate the report as appropriate.


Historical Landscape Research

An analysis of the various designed elements within the grounds of the property or area of greenspace, and include timelines and an appraisal of key features which are to be preserved or enhanced.  This will normally include an assessment of any previous designs, including un-executed works, subject to available documents.  It will be carried out with reference to existing designations and documents such as the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland.



Public Realm and Landscape Masterplanning

Following a detailed development brief from  a client/client representative,  initial design options will be carried out, with client and stakeholder consultation throughout, this will form a sketch design stage.  Following this, the full overall plan would be formulated and refined.  This plans will show the overall landscape structure, detailing elements such as circulation routes, key design elements and identification of areas for development.  Key planting and aesthetic treatment of site will also normally be included. 



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